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* However many/most of the newer edits collected from the GameFAQ's message board can be found at

F15PenguinC's Capcom VS SNK 2 Color Edit Depot


Thank You to everyone who contributed.

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Capcom Fighters

SNK Fighters

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Special Note: Most Capcom VS SNK 2 edits can be used in the original Capcom VS SNK and vice versa, except for Chun Li whose sprite has been changed.



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1118 Total Edits In The Archives.

(All with screen shots)



Capcom VS SNK  2 gallery now up..... All pictures courtesy of Saiki at gamefaqs message board.

(click on Capcom or SNK above or below  to see the artwork by the corresponding company)

*NEW* Capcom VS SNK  Pro  gallery now up..... thanks to Majestros for an e-mail letting me know how to get these pics.

All colors were found on the web and I have given credit for all edits that I know the creator for, otherwise I may have yours or a friends listed as an unknown, if this is the case please e-mail me and I will either remove it or give proper credit (your choice) also please realize that it is completely possible that two people could have the same idea so if I show someone else as the creator I will not remove it unless asked by the proper artist.

Most have been posted at message boards.

You can also find more great edits at griftt's page I have a few of his here.

I occasionally post at gamefaqs, but mostly I'm just there scanning for new info.



Ryu VS Sagat (Street Fighter)


Beautiful Girls

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