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F15PenguinC - 176 edits

Real name: Peter C
Height: 180.193cm
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Hot & Spicy
Nationality: American
Favorite food: Chicken Marsala Pizza
Most valuable item: A photograph of a very special person
Hates the most: Smelly public bathrooms
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Movie: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
Favorite TV Show: Late Night with Conan O Brian
Quote: "All I wanna do is have some fun and I got a feeling I'm not the only one."
Homepage: http://www.i don't have


fesak - 131 edits

Real name: Daniel Liden
Height: 187cm
Weight: 75-80kg, don't really know
Blood Type: no idea
Nationality: Swedish
Favorite food: -
Most valuable item: my comics collection
Hates the most: garlic
Favorite Sport: none
Favorite Movie: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons, South Park
Quote: It is never too late to give up.
Homepage: none


ProTect - 105 edits
Real Name: Unknown
Height: about 5'9"
Weight: about 130 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: American
Favorite food: Triple cheeseburger with mustard and pickles only
Most valuable item: My computer
Hates the most: Cooperating
Favorite Sport: None (doesn't like sports)
Favorite Movie: Monty Python's And Now for Something Completely Different
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Quote: No one can match you, you harlot!
E-mail: protectiam at yahoo dot com
Doctrine Dark - 98 edits
Real name: Matt
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Blood type: O I think
Nationality: American
Favorite Food: Anything Burger King or KFC
Most valuable item: An LP of Meet the Beatles
Hates the most: Eminem,reality TV shows,boy bands,telemarketers that mispronounce my last name
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Movie: Return of the Jedi
Favorite TV show: A tie between Whose Line and MST3K
Quote: "Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat=worst idea ever"
E-Mail: I don't feel like posting it
Homepage: Don't gots one
Raging Shoto - 68 edits
Real name: RagingShoto
Height: 6'9 
Weight: 173
Blood Type: Don't know. 
Nationality: American
Favorite food: The Six Dollar Burger at Carl's Jr.
Most valuable item: My Dreamcast
Hates the most: Scrubs
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Favorite TV Show: Married with Children
Quote: "Don't quit."
Homepage: N/A


Streetfighter2v - 52 edits


Akiman - 41 edits

Real Name: Nah, too embarrasing..
Height: 5'10
Blood Type: Devil X (This is from Cyberbots, because I don't know mine)
Nationality: British
Favorite Food: Various pasta dishes
Most precious item: My big TV
Hates: Politics Students
Sport: Basketball
Movie: Clerks.
TV show: Banzai/Jackass
Quote: Jibunga mabushiize!!!
Homepage: N/A


Dazz Hardy - 28 edits

Real name: Dazz
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 170
Blood Type: Unknown 
Nationality: British
Favorite food: Pizza 
Most valuable item: His Father's Leather Jacket
Hates the most: Spiders
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Movie: Dude, Where's my Car ?
Favorite TV Show: WWF
Quote: There is no Tomorrow


MACHETERO - 27 edits

AiRiC - 26 edits


kilik tag - 26 edits

Real name: Mr Tag Kilik
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 90 kg
Blood Type: b+
Nationality: french
Favorite food: all old school french food !!!
Most valuable item: pc or comic+manga or systems
Hates the most: narrow minded people
Favorite Sport: uh...
Favorite Movie: you can't just have one...
Favorite TV Show: 6 feet under and others...
Quote: ...
E-mail: ...
Homepage: ...


doc2k1 - 25 edits


Shingotink - 18 edits

Real name: Vince Lawrence
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 220 lbs (You're lookin' at my gut aren't ya?) 
Blood Type: Not Sure
Nationality: American
Favorite food: Sis' Mexican Pizza
Most valuable item: My Computer
Hates the most: Whiners
Favorite Sport: Wrestling (Yeah I know it's not a REAL sport)
Favorite Movie: Chasing Amy
Favorite TV Show: South Park
Quote: Can't talk , wrestling or South Park's on.
Homepage: or


The Double D G - 17 edits


Forte MP3 - 16 edits

Real name: Charles "J" Williams
Height: 6 Foot Something
Weight: 180 something
Blood Type: ???
Nationality: American
Favorite food: Pizza
Most valuable item: Dreamcast
Hates the most: Any form of Work
Favorite Sport: Bowling
Favorite Movie: Mononoke Hime
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Quote: On the information superhighway, there are users, and there are lamers...Too bad we can't run down the lamers.

Homepage: None


griftt - 16 edits


Pink Spider - 16 edits

Real name: Ron McRae
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195lbs
Blood Type: Orochi
Nationality: American
Favorite food: Chinese & Japanese
Most valuable item: My computer
Hates the most: Stupid people
Favorite Sport: Wrestling/Puroresu
Favorite Movie: Snatch
Favorite TV Show: Battle Bots
Quote: Ore ga kowqai no ka? 
Homepage: Currently do not have one


Strider Kazama - 14 edits

Real name: Strider Kazama
Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood Type: A- 
Nationality: American
Favorite food: Wendy's
Most valuable item: My Fender Strat Guitar 
Hates the most: Ignorance
Favorite Sport: N/A
Favorite Movie: SpaceBalls
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Quote: N/A
Homepage: N/A


Hot Sauce II - 13 edits

Real name: Derrick, but call me Kid Wonder.
Height: dahh..5/4?
Weight: 120.
Blood Type: O positive.
Nationality: American.
Favorite food: Pizza.
Most valuable item: My color edits or my lover Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.
Hates the most: Two-faced *****es!
Favorite Sport: Basketball.
Favorite Movie: Rush Hour 1-2.
Favorite TV Show: Dragonball or Tenchi Muyo.
Quote: I like my Kirby quotes better then my speech quotes.
E-mail: (( My business name, so don't say anything about it! ))
Homepage: (( page 1 )) (( page 2 ))
I have more to go, so be patient.


Goku EX - 11 edits

Maikeru - 11 edits


FighterX - 10 edits

Real Name: Fighter-X ^_^
Height: 177.8cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: A+
Nationality: American
Favorite food: Sesame Chicken
Most valuable item: Game Collection
Hates the most: Spiders, loud people
Favorite Sport: None
Favorite Movie: Robocop 1
Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob Squarepants
Quote: "What the hell?
E-mail: ( No spam please )
Homepage: None


ShotokanKeith - 10 edits

Real Name: Keith
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 280 lbs.
Blood Type: AB-
Nationality: American
Favorite Food: N/A
Most Valuable Item: My Collection of Anime and Collector figures
Hates the Most: Ignorant people
Favorite Sport: Football (Go PATS!)
Favorite Movie: Any movie thats funny
Favorite TV Show: Titus
Quote: In the battle of the minds, YOU are unarmed!
Homepage: None


AnotherGamer - 9 edits

Real name: Unknown
Height: 180 cm
Weight: A friggin' huge lardass
Blood Type: No idea
Nationality: Finnish
Favorite food: Junk
Most valuable item: Uhh...PS2?
Hates the most: Pukecrap, Digi****, Hairy Potty, Cat ****, Tetra "m4574h" people who only care about graphics and story
Favorite Sport: They all suck
Favorite Movie: Anything with lots of explosions and blood.
Favorite TV Show: Uh, South Park?
Quote: Can't think of any
E-mail: . All flames and junk mail will be deleted without a second thought.
Homepage: None


darthpaul - 9 edits

Freakmasta 2001 - 9 edits

The New Prince Vegeta - 9 edits

Xeno Fervor - 9 edits

erricfoxy - 8 edits

Midnight - 8 edits

MadRaven - 7 edits

kukbu - 6 edits

BMXJouster - 5 edits

D.Dark - 5 edits

hyperx - 5 edits

umgogo - 5 edits

Kamui Gakuto - 4 edit

Kensuke - 4 edits

LaoKing24 - 4 edits

Xanos - 4 edits

IndustrialRockMonstr - 3 edits

S KRIZALID X - 3 edits

sonicyshadow - 3 edits

ZhangYun - 3 edits

Akaimizu - 2 edits

Akuma Hokoru - 2 edits

Asmor - 2 edits

Cobra Kahn  - 2 edits

Ferrio - 2 edits

Fuuraisen - 2 edits

InfamousViper - 2 edits

kenjinrai - 2 edits

level99 - 2 edits

markanthonygina - 2 edits

Pseudo Bushin - 2 edits

Sean23461 - 2 edits

stinger7 - 2 edits

BloodEvil - 1 edit

davi - 1 edit

Dr.Spr0cter - 1 edit

Havoc911 - 1 edit

Hayate - 1 edit

Megatron X - 1 edit

mrs d.dark - 1 edit

negrissimo - 1 edit

shaolin stylez - 1 edit

shin wangtang - 1 edit

Siegfried - 1 edit

strider384 - 1 edit

Supaman2k2 - 1 edit

UltraZoalord - 1 edit

White Avenger - 1 edit

WKDCLOWN - 1 edit


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